Monday, April 11, 2011


Where have the weeks gone???  All I can say, is that lately, this strong happy mom has been one busy tired mom!  Here is a quick re-cap of what has been keeping me away from the keyboard.  

The Goods
~Warm weather = lots of time outside!
~Uncle Kevin back from Afghanistan.  Can't wait to see him next week!
~Aunt Heather d-o-n-e with (and passed!!!) the bar.  Now, we can play EVERY day!

~2 mini- roadtrips:
      1. Weekend with Dan in Madison, while the little one stayed with GG and Gramps. Check out our fun hotel!

      2. Birthday trip to Springfield with GG- she really wanted to do this!
~March Madness- Go Bulldogs! Sadly, this one probably belongs in the Bads after that final game...
~Lots of training.  Any combination of swimming, biking, running, and pilates. [insert future race photo here]

The Bads
~Weaning. I guess this can go under Goods too;  Ryan had no problem, but it just made me feel off.  When all else fails, blame it on hormones.
~Laundry.  Why do I feel like I am always folding laundry???  At least I have a helper!
~Leaking ceilings.  Image not necessary.

The Uglies
~Teething. By the end of the week, Ryan will have 6 teeth...!

~No more weekends free for Dan.  As usual, taking care of business.