Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food for Thought.

Healthy eating and food are always hot topics in our house; between Dan's profession and mine, we are always discussing good foods and more importantly, good food habits.  Enter Ryan, our helpless, impressionable 10 month old.  A guinea pig,  really.  

So far, we have been basking in our success- a baby that will eat anything. ANYTHING. For this reason, we have been even more "strict" about what we actually feed him.  We figure he will learn about high-fructose corn syrup and processed foods one day, but for now, we are are trying our best to keep it all-nat-ur-el.  

These are some of Ryan's favorite foods.
Scrambled Eggs
Soybeans and Spices
Corn (preferably on the cob)

Other undocumented favorites include: black olives, avocados, and mangos. 

Our approach: We want Ryan to eat what we eat.  

However, the other day, all I wanted was an Oreo milkshake.  Thank heavens, our stroller is forward-facing! I was able to secretly indulge in my milkshake without Ryan looking at me with eyes that say, "Can I have a bite, please?"

I guess it is more appropriate to say, we want Ryan to eat what he sees us eating. 

My bad.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Years Ago...

This is what I was doing on the morning of our wedding.  Yep, that's me in the middle decked out in white, including my mom's vintage veil, flanked by soon-to-be-husband and best friends. 
Dan and I decided that a great way to start the start the rest of our lives together (collective, "awwww...") was a wedding morning 5k run.  
Along with the wedding invitations, we sent out invites for the race.  Word got around town and some additional friends of friends showed up for the spirited event, including the town newspaper.  We had envisioned friends dressed up in old bridesmaid dresses, but thanks to my friend Mo's costume trunk, let's just say nobody got away with running in just sneakers and shorts.  

It was tons of fun! All of our out of town friends/family got to meet one another, but mostly it was a great testament of our values as a couple; health, happiness, and lots of laughter.  

Happy Anniversary, Dan!  You are (and always will be) my Favorite : )


Friday, June 10, 2011

Commuting to Foot!

Life has been busy lately, and I have had to get a little creative in order to get my workouts in, multi-tasking if you will.  When we moved here a year ago we decided to embrace our new urban dwelling and so...we sold our car.  Dan rides his bike to work every day, and I (along with Ryan) take the bus or train.  

However, now that the weather is nice (read: HOT), I have incorporated running into my work commute.  At least once a week, I run to work.  Depending on the route I take, this can be 3-4 miles one way.  In the evening, it is usually just me, but during the day, Ryan and BOB come too.  BOB's basket allows me to bring all sorts of stuff (clean clothes, deodorant, snacks, drinks) with me and working at a gym makes it easy to clean up before meeting with people.  Other perks, besides the obvious workout, include: saves money, saves time, I am a low-emissions vehicle, and it is usually faster than public transportation.  Oh, and did I mention how much Ryan loves it???

Happy Commuting!