Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Ryan turning one, means I need to be ready for an Ironman...


1 Year!

On Monday, we celebrated Ryan's first birthday!  We woke up early, thanks to the bright sunlight beaming through the windows of our new apartment, and headed out in the Coupe.  The Cozy Coupe was Ryan's birthday present...that we gave to him 2 months ago.  Let's be real here, living in Chicago means our nice weather days are numbered;  In order to maximize time spent outside with Ryan's new wheels, we gave it to him really early and he has been cruising the town ever since.
We then went to the playground where Ryan tried out the slide and demonstrated his new climbing skills.
Unfortunately, there is no picture to document the moment later on that day, where I turned around to find Ryan standing on top of one of the many boxes in our living room, arms stretched out like he was surfing whilst holding a remote in one hand.  It is now very frightening how able-bodied he is when it comes to scaling boxes.  Thank goodness the ER is just 2 blocks away.

The day was pretty much uneventful, as we are planning a birthday dinner for a later date, but I didn't miss one chance to squeeze and love on him and marvel at what a little boy he has become.

Here is a brief overview of our last year:

~Ryan gained 13 lbs.. I lost 40 lbs.
~Ryan is crawling, climbing, and cruising everywhere.  I have biked over 1000 miles, and recently made it through an 18 mile run feeling great.
~ Ryan grew 10-12 teeth.   I grew some cavities- damn.
~ Ryan graduated from baby food, to finger food, to "real" food.  You name it, he eats it.  I am essentially eating baby food, relying heavily on shakes, smoothies, and gu for my sustenance.
~ Ryan has gone from a bottle to a cup.  I have gone from a B cup to a C cup and down to an A cup.
~ Ryan worked out most of his nap issues and now takes 2 solid naps a day.  I feel like I could take 2 naps every day.
~ Ryan has bright blue eyes, just like his dad.  I only have eyes for his dad ;)
~ Ryan never stops talking, but only says one decipherable word: dog.  I love this little guy more than words...
~ Ryan is a happy, goofy, determined, adventurous, loving little guy.  I am his strong, happy mom.

Happy 1st Birthday, Little Chunkerson!


Friday, August 5, 2011

My Bags are packed, I'm Ready to go...

...but I am not heading anywhere on a jet plane, at least not this weekend.  Nope. Instead, Dan and I are heading out on a mini bik-ation.  Ryan is going to spend some quality time with GG and Grandpa Todd, and Dan and I are setting out on a 4 day bike trip.

Our itinerary?

Day one: Northrook, IL to Lake Geneva, WI
Day two: Lake Geneva, WI to Madison, WI
Day three: Madison, WI to Lake Geneva, WI
Day four: Lake Geneva, WI to Northbrook, IL

It has been a while since we last went on an extended bike trip; check out some pics from our Miami to Key West (and back) adventure!
 Some bridge between some keys.

Key Largo, FL

But, we always seem to be biking somewhere...
 Here is us thinking we are SO funny in Alaska.

Standard over-the-shoulder-shot in Alaska.

We also biked all around Quebec on our honeymoon.
Can you find me amidst the awesomeness of the Rocky Mountains?

Biking brought us together, and I really think it helps keep us together.  On our long rides, we crack jokes, make plans, and troubleshoot the week's challenges.  BBF.

Here's to a great Bik-ation!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inner Quitter

Last week, I was reading my Runner's World when I came across the term, "Inner Quitter."  The moment I read it, I felt relief- I'm not the only one!  

Of course, I am not self-centered enough to think that I am the only one that has tough days; but I have at times wondered if other people go through the same inner dialogue weighing out the reasons to train or not to train.  Honestly, these battling personas of mine can feel like the Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde of triathlon training.  Sometimes these conversations take place  on the couch beforehand, but these days, they can pop up around mile 10 of a long, hot run.  Most recently, I was riding my bike from Chicago to Milwaukee when my bike partner called it a day in Racine.  For those of you who are not familiar with the midwest, Racine in just north of the Wisconsin border and from what I saw, there is not much going on there.  My friend called his wife in Milwaukee to come get him, and I had to head back south to reach my goal of riding 100+ miles...all by my lonesome.  Yes, I will take some cheese curds with my wine.  Big thanks to my super sister and darling Dan who met me in Zion, IL to drive me the rest of the way home.   

Here is a typical list of reasons I can come up with not to do my workout.
   -I'm tired.
   -I haven't eaten...
   -I just ate.
   -I have to bring Ryan with me.
   -It's really hot.
   -It's raining.  I hate being wet.
   -I'm tired.
   -I don't want to swim.  I hate being wet.
   -Dan just got home, I want to hang out with him.
   -I want to hang out with friends.
   -I'm tired.

Here is what I come up with to talk myself back into a workout.
   -I always feel great afterwards- hello, endorphins!
   -Baby break!
   -I am determined to reach my goal.  You can sandbag it for a 5k or sprint tri, but that    won't cut it for IM.
   -It will hurt less in Madison.
   -I picture Dan and Ryan waiting for me at the finish line.  Sheesh, I just teared up typing that...!

All of us have an inner quitter (minus Dan), and somedays this personality is bigger than others.  Some days this personality wins. Let's hope that's not the case on September 11th!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bento Boxes for Babies?

This is a fun idea (potentially too much work??), and after some of the conversations I have had with other moms about packing lunches for kids, I thought some of you would enjoy it too.  Check out this new lunchbox trend captured by Wendolonia. I haven't had to pack a lunch for Ryan yet, but maybe by dressing it up a little like this, it will lessen the likelihood of him being made fun of while he chomps on carrots and hummus.  I guess I should start practicing my technique...!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Iron Update: Weekend Tally

1.9 miles swum.
101 miles biked.
16 miles run.

Hello, Rest Week!