Thursday, March 8, 2012

Running for 3

Hi, remember me?  My "break" from blogging turned more into a sabbatical that is approaching the 6 month mark.  That's right 6 months...!  How does that happen?  What started out as writer's block, turned into, "Oh yeah, I still have a blog..."  to "Blog? What blog?"  

Even though the beginning of the fall was pretty slow, and not much notable took place, the end of fall/beginning of winter sure made up for that.  

In the recent months, I had my 30th birthday, lost my grandmother, Dan was working a million hours a week, and I was nauseous 80% of the time going through the motions of the day like a zombie cursing the miracle of pregnancy.  

I am happy to report those days have passed, just in time for spring in the city!  

In spite of the first trimester nausea, I managed to keep up with a decent workout  plan, so long as I was able to take a nap, or be in bed by 7.  I am not exaggerating.  Just as with my first pregnancy,  as soon as I hit 12 weeks it was like a switch flipped.  That was 3 weeks ago, and now I have swung to the other end of the spectrum; actually accomplishing good workouts, staying up past 7, hell, I am pretty much up all night incapable of sleep.  

Yesterday, I spent the whole day outside running, playing and walking with my 2 little (tiny) training sidekicks.  

Ryan, 18 months

TBA, due August 30, 2012

Hopefully, I will be able to channel some of this magical second trimester energy into more writing...