Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Almost there...

I am just a couple weeks out of from my due date (even sooner, if my d-day prediction is correct), and I have to say, I am feeling good.  Uncomfortable, yes, but it is not a get-this-baby-out-of-my belly-uncomfortable.  Just the pregnancy norms of not sleeping well, early morning wakefulness, swelling, etc.  I actually ran twice last week, and it felt great!  Much better than the week before, and it gives me hope that maybe I will be able to keep on running right up until my delivery!  

Generally, I can't complain!

This is Ryan and I out for a little evening walk the other night.  We were dropping off my hospital preregistration papers that were supposed to be taken in "no later than 6 months into pregnancy." Oops.  

When people saw this picture, I received a plethora of you-look-so-great-comments that no pregnant lady can ever get enough of- so THANK YOU!

I don't love being pregnant (gasp!).  In fact, I am already counting down the weeks until I can get on my bike again (hopefully before the Chicago weather takes a turn for the worst), and I can NOT wait to go on a real run.  

That being said, this pregnancy has been so much better than the first, and when people ask me, "why?" This is what I have come up with:

1. It was planned. Period.
2. I started off in great post-Ironman shape.  Even when I wanted to throw up all day, I made myself exercise because I just didn't want to stop and try to start up again. I have continued a pretty well-rounded cardio + strength regiment throughout.  
3. Eating well.  I have not deprived myself, as I type there is an empty quart of ice cream in my sink that was one of my meals yesterday.  But, I also haven't gone crazy eating junk food the whole time.  Mostly, I have tried to follow a high-fiber diet, eat more protein/less pasta, and drink lots of water.  
4. Having a toddler!  Half the time, I forgot I was even pregnant because Ryan keeps us all on the move.  Not to mention, the energy it takes to keep a toddler entertained/safe/out of trouble!  
5. No car.  We live downtown and walk EVERYWHERE.  On any given day, I would say I walk 3-5 miles just as a part of our daily living.  Although, I don't consider this a workout, it is most definitely a great form of exercise.  

So, as I head into the final stretch, I feel good...maybe even great! I am so excited to meet this little baby, but a tad anxious thinking about what life will be like with 2 little ones.  I am not signing up for an Ironman next summer, but I have some other goals that I am pretty excited about and will be happy to share later.  


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Run Happy.

So, I am at the 36 week mark now, and still running! People keep asking me why I am still running, and the answer is really quite simple: Running makes me happy.   

Last week's crazy heat made it a little difficult, but I was able to get a short run in.  My doctor has given me the green light to keep running as long as I stay hydrated and don't overheat.  I also managed to get out on Saturday morning, and I could not imagine more perfect running weather!  The only problem, is that now I am seriously feeling the weight of the baby's head on my bladder, and as nice as the weather was on Saturday, it is starting to not be so enjoyable.  Still, it makes me happier than when I don't run.

With my first pregnancy, I continued running up until 37 weeks, and with that time point just one week away, I have been asking myself how much longer will I keep at it?

My answer:  Until it doesn't make me happy.  

Even when I have to slow my pace (this has been happening a lot these days), walk, stop and soak my shirt at a water fountain to keep cool, etc..  I just feel better when I run.

It just makes. me. happy.