Sunday, September 16, 2012

Running with a Toddler

Recently, a friend asked me to share some tips for running with your toddler, i.e. how to keep them happy while they are in the jogging stroller.  Here are a few thoughts I shared:

1. Snacks! I never leave for a run without food and water for my little guy. Easy to eat finger foods like dry cereal, crackers or pretzels in a munchkins easy-to-grab-no-spill-container have worked best, as well as any type of squeezable fruit/veggie pouch.

2. Spray bottle with water. This is especially fun for kids on the warmer days.

3. a toddler-friendly, no-spill container, of course.

4. On early morning runs, pajamas are optional, along with blankie and other favorite stuffed animal or "lovey."

5. I learned early on that toys and books, unless connected to the stroller, were usually more trouble than they were worth, inevitably finding their way on the ground mid-stride.

6. ipod stays home. Any mother of a toddler knows how much these guys like to point out exciting things like bulldozers, bikes, and dogs.  If Ryan is in a talkative mood, than we both point stuff out along the way and chat about them.

7. For cold days, use a Bundleme, or any type of blanket that attaches to the stroller instead of loose blankets that will be blown every which way. The windproof version of these is even better for those of us in chillier climates. Nothing ruins a run faster than a cold kiddo!
Have fun!

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